Steers Tumbler Plate - Red

$ 12
*Will fit the 30 or 40 oz Stanley tumblers with the H2.0 Generation only* 
*These name plates are not meant to sit flush again the top of your lid.
They will crack if you push it too hard.
The are meant to slide over the straw and fit snug enough for the tag to be secured.

* N O T E S *
- Each name will be in white
- Material: 1/8" Acrylic
- The name plate slides over the straw and is a snug fit!
It can fall off if tumbler turned upside down or dropped
- Please take it off before washing it in the dishwasher; NOT dishwasher safe
- If needing to wash the name plate, please hand-washing only without any harsh
brushes or scrubs that could potentially break the tag

Only 1 piece in stock!

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