You Are Loved Book

$ 19.95

Artwork and Inspirational Messages to Encourage Your Faith.

Leave this gorgeously designed book out on your coffee table to pick up whenever you need a pick-me-up. Flip through beautifully illustrated pages to be inspired and remember that You Are Loved.

Featuring beautiful hand-lettered artwork and uplifting messages to help you:

• Believe in yourself

• Release your worries

• Live life in wonder

• Spread kindness

• Practice patience

• Be fearless

• Love yourself as you are

“Beautiful affirmations wrapped up in a stunning package! Jenessa’s book is filled with inspirational quotes and comforting messages of faith. A great read and a gorgeous coffee table book, You Are Loved is a wonderful gift for yourself or any Christian in your life.” — Chalkfulloflove, author of bestselling book Hand Lettering 101

Hardcover: 150 pages Soft-touch cover, rose gold sprayed edges


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